MIRK Inc. is a master dealer for blltec augers, tooling, parts, and drives. These drives are available for installation on excavators, digger derricks, backhoes, skid steers and more.

Our Products:

Bucket Trucks
New & Used

Digger Derricks

Truck Cranes
Pitman, Telelect & Altec

Pressure Diggers

Aerial Platforms
Watson, Texoma & Sterling


Sign Cranes
Elliott, Skyhook, Sponco, & Manitex

Track Diggers

Track Buckets


Expandable Reel Trailers

Forestry Equipment 

Railgear Equipment

Pole Trailers

Underground Pullers

Winch Trucks

Rodder Trucks


Cable Pullers

Mini Derricks

Snooper Truck

Bridge Inspection Trucks

Condux Tesmec Pullers & Tensioners


MIRK Diamond